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Rights and compensation information for delayed and cancelled flights, lugagge problems, and everything you need to know in case of a mishap with an airline company.

Credit & Loans

If you're having an issue or a question about a credit or online loan, don't panic: advice is just a few clicks away. We'll help you with the most accurate information on the topic.

Energy & Gas

Dealing with bills and statements, switching companies, meter issues: we've compiled a list of the most common problems people have with their gas and electricity providers.


Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with! Fortunately we will help you on how to file a claim, what to do in case of breakdown and how to terminate your contract.

Online Shopping

Are you unhappy with your online purchase? It is always unpleasent when this happens. Learn here how to return your order or ask for a refund !

Parcel & Courier

Package went missing or broke? Don't worry, we are here to help you contact the company and file your claim in case your parcel is delayed, damagged or lost.

Payment Gateways

What to do in case of a transaction dispute? How to file a complaint? If you have sent money or paid something online and have a problem, check here.


Mobile Operators, Internet and Broadcasting service Providers.. How to file a complaint? How to finish your contract? Want a refund? Check here.


There's nothing most annoying than having a problem when on holidays.. sorry, actually there is! That's your travel company being the reason of it!